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Horse Breaking - Training - Re-educating


With over 30 years of experience, Danny has started, trained and re-educated all types of horses 
for many different disciplines.
The horses Danny breaks and trains are renowned for their softness and flexibility, giving excellent grounding whether the horse is destined for pleasure or competition. 

At the end of the break-in, the horse will be able to achieve the basics.
Manners in all aspects of handling, ridden at all paces, stopping, turning and flexing.
The horse will be trained in flatwork and ridden on the property in a general sense, exposing them

to many different scenarios. The horse will be able to tie up and have transport loading lessons.

* Breaking In fee up to 3yrs $1700 + agistment
* Horses 3-4yrs  $2300 + agistment

* Horses over 4yrs $2800 + agistment
* Time taken 4-6 weeks 


* Agistment from $30 p/w

* Agistment stabled $70 p/w

* If education is to continue beyond the initial break-in the rate after that would be $390 per week

Whether it be a troublesome horse or just needs to brush up on the basics,
Danny is quick to assess what the horse needs to get to the desired level of education.
* Fee $390 per week + agistment


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