Riding Tuition For You & Your Horse

Danny offers tuition with a difference, being a horse trainer his focus is on the horse rider combination, he can be quick to point out why a horse is reacting or behaving in a certain

manner and especially if it's a "man made" issue. He can teach you the right tools to negotiate

the situation and help to not create bad habits.

Often its small changes that can make a big difference.
His services would be of great benefit 

* As an extra ad on after you have had your horse broken in or re-educated to make sure you

   are giving all the right signals

* To overcome any issues you are having with your horse or your self

* To better yourself and your horse

As campdrafting is our sport and passion Danny can also give tuition in 

* Preparing or fine tuning you and your horse for the sport.

* Ensuring you have the right bend and flex in your horse, stopping correctly, leg aids and

having your horse in the right frame of mind, you can also have the opportunity to work

your horse with Mechanical Cow


Lesson with your horse on a topic of your choice or what is most needed
Lesson One on One $65 per hour
Lesson for 2 people combined $95 per hour

Lesson half day (3 hours) 1-3 People $195

Please note we don't supply horses for lessons

Stock Horse
"Cold Play"
At Stud
For Sale
All stages
Horse Breaking
And Sell
Strip Hair 
Release N Run
Dr Show
Rider Tuition
Enabling you to handle your
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